Digital Forum

Digital resources and methods are quickly becoming indispensable in Victorian studies – and many other fields. Whether you consider yourself part of the digital humanities or not, you are likely to have used a digital resource / tool in some form or other. This might be an electronic catalogue or display interface of periodicals, newspapers, letters or novels. It might be a digital map of historical or fictional events. Or you might be at the forefront of the digital development, leading the creation of new types of visualisations or interactive resources. The fact is that this is a time of immense change in many humanities disciplines with technological innovation providing both opportunities and challenges. In the digital world in which we conduct our research, it is vital that we actively engage with both opportunities and challenges – and the BAVS 2020 Digital Forum offers a platform for this.

There will be a roundtable with short presentations, followed by a session where you can present resources and tools that you are developing and / or learn about digital projects by others.

We invite you to join us for an insightful event!

To submit a proposal, please use this form. Deadline for submissions: 17 March (please note that we have extended the original deadline so as not to conflict with the UCU’s Industrial Action).

Contact curator Michaela Mahlberg or the conference organisers with any questions.